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We know so many have questions about what can and can't be done with drone shows, how much they cost and more, so we created a quick guide of our most common questions.

So please feel free to use the resource below if it helps you, but do contact us if you have have a question we haven't covered, or if there is more we can do to help.

Is a drone show complicated?

If you consider what we're doing in terms of flying 1,000's of show drones at once by computer, then it certainly isn't something just anybody can do safely or legally.

However, the great news is that we are experts at this and can do all of the complex elements in-house for you, so you can relax and just enjoy the results.

How many show drones do I need?

This is genuinely going to be a balance between your needs and your budget.

For example, a 7-8 letter word can be drawn well with just 100 drones, but if this becomes a complex logo this could easily become more.

For this reason, we offer a free consultation to help establish your needs, so that we can provide you with the most cost effective quotation.

This ensures you only pay for the number of drones you need.

50-100 (Mini)

50 show drones forming a circle A simple text image using just 77 drones

We can do drone shows with as few drones as you would like, but you do require a certain number to do certain shapes.

As seen above, we can make most shapes, such as the circle, with 20-50 drones or the text part of our own logo with just 77 drones.

100-300 (Midi)

50 show drones forming a circle A simple logo image using just 100 drones

The midi drone show is our most popular size of show, as it offers the best balance between shape resolution and budget.

As seen above, starting from just 100 drones the circle is now doubled up and bolder and our logo can be fully formed.

300+ (Maxi)

300 show drones forming a sphere A detailed logo image using 300 drones

This is where amazing becomes award winning. If you want to create the ultimate designs in the night sky then look no further.

As seen above, simple 2D shapes like circles can become fully formed 3D spheres and logos have more depth and detail.

Free consultation

Complex shapes and more are possible with our show drones We can create your brand or message using our show drones

Don't worry, we know that creating a drone show can seem daunting, so we offer a free consultation and advice to help you know how many drones you need.

As seen above, we have stock shapes and forms we can use, such as our helix, or we can create your exact brand, including colours.

Can we see the drone show in advance?

Absolutely, our programming software allows us to create not only 3D renders, but even place it over the location you want to fly at.

This allows you to not only see your drone show design, but also move around and see it from differnt viewing angles as your audience might.

How much does a drone show cost?

We have some guide prices below, but to be honest this will depend on just how many show drones your display requires, but also how complicated the design needs to be.

We have 'off the peg' type show elements you can use, or we can create something truly bespoke for your audience.

The bit nobody else tells you in their quotes...

Depending on where you want to have your drone show, there may be some ground restrictions that need to be put in place to keep things 'safe and legal', which can create additional costs, but we can provide free advice here if needed.

AeroAVA Mini drone show icon

Mini drone show

From £17,850.

Our smallest drone show bundle is our 'Mini' package, starting from just 50 drones. This is the minimum we would recommend to our clients, as anything below this number will be quite limited in what it can portray.

AeroAVA Midi drone show icon

Midi drone show

From £32,500.

Our 'Midi' drone show package is our most popular, starting from 100 drones. The price we quote will include everything you need, from creative design time to us being at the location and putting on the show.

AeroAVA Maxi drone show icon

Maxi drone show

From £88,250.

Our 'Maxi' package is for when you want 300 or more to make a real statement. As you might imagine flying this many drones is more complicated, but our pricing will still include everything you need from us.

AeroAVA Consultation icon

Free consultation

£0 - Free.

That's right, free, nothing, zero... We don't charge for our advice or consultation. We are so committed to making sure you get a great drone show, we don't charge for our fountain of knowledge.

How long can a drone show last?

Our drones are class leading and can easily perform over a 10-minute display packed full of creative elements.

The complete show itself may then be up to 12-13 minutes once we've included the take-off and landing elements. In fact, we have some creative ways to make this part of the show as well to maximise your audience engagement.