Ask about our augmented drone shows

We are the first drone show provider to offer 'live augmented reality' for broadcast drone shows. That's right... LIVE...!

We have the technology to be able to track our show drones live in the night sky, so that they can be live augmented for broadcast across multiple camera angles.

We also have an app for when you want to add more to your event, from live announcements to choreographed sound.

Make your drone show sound as good as it looks

AeroAVA has an application that can be used for sound and announcements

A soundwave to illustrate that AeroAVA are never gonna give you up

If you want sound with your drone show, but either the audience is going to be in the wrong place for a PA system, or your site is noise sensitive, then we have just the solution for you.

Using our free to download app, your viewers can listen to the show live and in sync with the performance on their mobile devices.

All they need to do is enter the 4-digit code for your show and they can listen in live.

Better yet, you can also use the app to send information to your audience as notifications, as well as personalise it to the event, with key details, adverts and event information.

Work with AeroAVA to create a world first

As we build this website, nobody in the world has added augmented reality to a drone show 'live' as part of a live broadcast.

We have the technology to create this with you as our client, giving you as our client the opportunity to be involved with a 'world's first', something which is always very rare to achieve.

Add live augmented detail to your broadcast

AeroAVA can add augmented reality live for broadcast

Drone shows offer a unique creative experience in the sky, but there is the opportunity to add even more to those watching via broadcast at home.

We have the technology to 'live track' our drone show in order to enable 'live augmentation' for a broadcast audience, with as little as only two frames of delay.

Imagine your drone show audience seeing a simulated space rocket launch, while your live broadcast audience also gets to see the planets, stars and more, all rendered in real time, 'live'...